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  • 29-meter-long bar of dreams
  • A taste of discovery
London's most inspiring setting
Call to Reserve: 020 7841 3566
Welcome to

The Booking Office Bar & Restaurant

combo dish
Enjoy drinks inspired by the history of the Booking Office itself and a food menu which showcases delicious modern classics, using locally sourced ingredients served up by head chef Adam Ashe. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Opening hours
  • Mon - Wed / Thurs - Fri
  • 6.30am - Midnight / 1am
  • Sat / Sun
  • 7am - Midnight
  • grills
  • tails of discovery food
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'Tails of Discovery Cocktails at the Booking Office
Check out our unique cocktail menu
A Journey of Exploration
'Tails of Discovery Cocktails Each drink is curated around inspirational characters and events, bringing to life journeys of discovery and adventure.